Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lab 2 - Rosids: Onagraceae

ONAGRACEAE - Evening-primrose family

A Fuchsia plant with red flowers and dark purple berries. Photo taken from my neighbour's garden.

The labeled Fuscia from lab 1. Check out the large, red petaloid sepals (sepals with the appearance of petals).

A section through the ovary reveals 4 carpels and its axile placentation.

Flowers of Epilobium; there doesn't seem to be a hypanthium.

Similar to the Fuchsia, the section through an Epilobium sp. ovary also reveals an axile placentation and four locules.

Two fruits of the Epilobium; they are both capsule.

And this is what the above capsule look like when it matures.

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