Friday, October 22, 2010

Lab 5 - Euasterids I: Plantaginaceae & Scroophulariaceae


PLANTAGINACEAE - Snapdragon family

 Flowers of Linaria sp.

The flowers are strongly zygomorphic and is spurred at the base.

The pointy end of the flower is its spur.

Peeling back the corolla reveals the stamens and pistils.

Cross section through the ovary shows 2 carpels and an axile placentation; much like a tomato.

Capsules are the characteristic fruit type in this family.

Within the capsules are many of these seeds.

Inflorescences of Hebe sp (Veronica sp.?) flowers.

They are only slightly zygomorphic...supposedly, the to uppermost petal is larger than the other ones.

Plantago sp. fruiting tops.


Some of the species from this family.
From left to right: Scrophularia sp., Phygelius capensis (cape fuchsia), Buddleja sp. (butterfly bush), Rehmannia sp. (Chinese foxglove)

Penstemon spp.

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