Friday, October 22, 2010

Lab 5 - Euasterids I: Lamiaceae

LAMIACEAE - Mint Family

Coleus sp. has the characteristic square stems of the mint family.

Flowers from the genus Salvia. Note their zygomorphic symmetry - it will be more apparent in the following picture.

Looking into the throat of the corolla.

A longitudinal section of the flower. Note the unusually long connective. The connective, in most plants, is the small bit of tissue that joins the pollen sacs.
Also look at the stigma; it splits into 2 which translates to 2 carpels in the ovary.

A flower from Coleus sp. Check out the four stamens: there is a short pair and a long pair. This stamen arrangement is called "didynamous" (as oppose to the tetradynamous arrangement we saw last week.)

The anther of Salvia sp. has a single pollen sac. The curving purple structure that runs all the way to the pollen sac is the connective.

Longitudinal section through the lower part of Salvia sp. exposes two of its four nutlets. Each pair of nutlets is formed from one deeply divided carpel.

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