Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lab 9 - Commelinid Monocots: Cyperaceae and Juncaceae

Cyperaceae - Sedge Family

The inflorescence of Carex sp. is a spike. This inflorescence contains pistillate flowers.

Its stem is 3-angled...

...and the leaves are borne in 3-ranks, both are characteristic of Carex.

Staminate flowers are within this inflorescence of Carex.

Some of the dried stamens that were extracted from the above flower.

A flowering plant of Scirpus sp.

A pair of flowers from Scipus sp.

The bristles (the red strings) and ovary (yellow structures) from the flower of the above plant.

JUNCACEAE - Rush Family

The stems in the Rush family are round.

The involucral bract is terete and erect and looks like the continuation of the stems after the inflorescence.

Some flowers from the above inflorescence.

A single flower with its tepals, stamens, and pistil. The fruits produced from Juncus are capsules.

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