Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starting out

Hello, I am Midy Liou. This blog has been created with the intention of posting and describing pictures of plants species we encountered in Biology 324. I hope to update this blog after each lab day, time permitting, and look forward to any feedback.

The idea of plant blogging started in the Biology 343 (Plants and People) course with Senior Instructor Shona Ellis' course blog. Douglas Newbigging and I wanted a piece of the action and we thought it would be awesome to create a blog of our own. We had enjoyed posting labeled pictures and commenting on the various organisms we came across. And we have decided to continue this blog for Seed plant taxonomy. Although Doug is not in the class as he has already taken the course, he will be around from time to time to share his plant biology expertise.

If you feel you have a picture or diagram and want it posted - please feel free to contact Midy (midy_0831[at] and I will be happy to share your material. Also, feel free to leave comments on this blog.

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